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Investors in early stage in vitro diagnostic technologies


Who We Are

CS Ventures is the corporate venture fund initiative of Canterbury Scientific Ltd., a leading OEM developer and supplier of high quality in vitro diagnostic controls and calibrators for diabetic and haemoglobinopathy applications worldwide. CS Ventures was established in 2019 to invest in promising IVD opportunities that align with Canterbury Scientific’s existing capabilities and to diversify into applications beyond diabetes mellitus.

Our non-confidential investments include Aptatek (USA) and MiMARK (Spain).

What We Are Looking For

CS Ventures makes strategically aligned investments. The type of technology we are interested in is limited to novel IVD technologies, but we are interested in a broad range of applications. We are somewhat flexible regarding deal structure, deal size and stage of development. If you have any questions regarding our interests or want to share your technology, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Type of Technology: Novel in vitro diagnostic technologies that use non-nucleotide biological reagents and/or controls that are not currently readily available or tests that utilize a lateral flow device.

Intellectual Property: technology must have protectable IP or the potential for IP. We are interested in novel biomarkers rather than novel platform technologies

Application Area: any disease area where there is an unmet need except diabetes mellitus

Stage of Development: early stage technologies - from proof of concept to Seed stage 

Deal Structure: a broad range of investment and partnering structures but with a preference for in-licensing

Geographical Scope: jurisdiction agnostic, we are interested in technologies from all around the world

What We Offer

The size and structure of capital investments CS Ventures makes depends on the specific opportunity. In addition to capital, CS Ventures is supported by Canterbury Scientific’s extensive experience and expertise in upscaling the manufacturing of biologics, quality control management, regulatory processes and approvals, which include FDA and CE Mark. Canterbury Scientific is also well established in the global network of MedTech companies and works closely with many of the major players in the industry. CS Ventures seeks to add value to portfolio technologies using the know how and expertise that Canterbury Scientific has acquired over more than 30 years in the industry.




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Dr Robert Feldman
CS Ventures Head

Robert has an invaluable combination of business, medical and research experience spanning over two decades. A qualified medical practitioner, he obtained his medical degree in London, his PhD in the Netherlands, has worked at Harvard Medical School and held clinical and academic positions at Imperial College, London. Robert is a successful serial life science entrepreneur, having founded and run three biotechnology companies in the UK before establishing the European operations for the New York based company Paramount Biosciences, LLC. Subsequently, Dr Feldman held the role of Entrepreneur in Residence at Imperial Innovations, London. In 2010, he moved to New Zealand as Executive Director of venture investment firm, Pacific Channel.

During his extensive and varied career, Robert has developed a breadth of medical and research expertise encompassing therapeutics, devices, diagnostics and functional preparations in the field of human health. In addition to Robert’s work in the UK and New Zealand, he has also engaged in business development activities in several other countries, including successful licensing deals in Europe, USA, Australia, Russia, South Korea and New Zealand.

Greta Holland.JPG
Greta Holland
Technology Analyst

Greta, a Biology Master's graduate with expertise in ‘in vitro diagnostics’, gives this role a robust background in laboratory work and this ability to bridge academic knowledge with practical insights, enhances our approach. She actively engages with the industry to propel the company's mission forward, aiming to find impactful ideas, advance these technologies, and thus, the healthcare people receive.



CS Ventures

If you would like to get in touch or have an in vitro diagnostic opportunity that you’d like to discuss, please fill out the following form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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